Other Biomass heat recovery

Biomass energy is one of humanity's earliest sources of energy particularly in rural areas where it is often the only accessible and affordable source of energy. Worldwide biomass ranks fourth as an energy resource, providing approximately 14% of the world's energy needs all human, agricultural and industrial processes produce wastes, that is, normally unused and undesirable products of a specific process. The burning velocity of pulverized biomass fuels is considerably higher than that of coals. The use of biomass fuels provides substantial benefits as far as the environment is concerned. Biomass absorbs carbon dioxide during growth, and emits it during combustion. Utilization of biomass as fuel for power production offers the advantage of a renewable and CO2-neutral fuel.

Agro-business is a very important source of biomass with high calorific value; among others, Asia Capital Energy is focused on:

  • Rice and soybean husk
  • Shell from almonds, walnuts, pistacho, etc

In all this cases, the heat produced burning the biomass could be recovered and used as steam by the factory or could drive a turbine to produce electricity.