Enrique Salat

Managing Partner & Member of the Advisory Board

Founding Partner of Asia Capital, Enrique Salat has more than thirty years experience within the financial world, especially in the Investment Banking and Corporate Finance sector where he has been involved in more than fifteen operations of MBI, MBO and divestiture. Previously, he held the position of Corporate Finance Managing Partner in Mazars/Avant Corporate (1995) as well as Private Banking Counselor in Banco de Finanzas e Inversiones (FIBANC) and as responsible of the area of Asset Management in Banco de Europa (1987). He started his activity in the Irving Trust Co (Bank of New York).

In 2004, together with other partners of the Financial sector set up the Investment Bank Acapital, specialized in Private Banking, Mutual Funds Management, Asset Management and Corporate Finance where Mr. Salat was member of the Board of ACapital Finanzas SGIIC.

In 2010; Acapital established the Company Acapital Cogeneración to invest in BOT cogeneration plants in Spain. The Company joined several Asian Partners in 2012 to set up the Firm Asia Capital to raise and invest in Energy Efficiency Plants in Central and South East Asian countries. Since 2017 Mr. Salat has been involved in the set up of the Asia Capital Energy Fund, identifying and raising the potential projects for the Fund’s investments.

Mr. Salat holds a Bachelor of Management and Economics from the the University of Barcelona and is member of the Advisory Board of Quality Capital Global Fund and Quality Capital Selection Fund. He splits his time between Barcelona and Bangkok.