Alan Morin

Managing Partner & Member of the Advisory Board

Mr. Morin joined Asia Capital in 2014 after a 35 year career in the petro chemical industry with Dow Chemical. During his career he had responsibilities in Canada, the United States and Asia Pacific. He has held a variety of roles, primarily focused on energy and utilities for large integrated chemical complexes. He has been responsible for the operation of combined cycle/cogeneration power and steam plants, power and utility distribution systems, project development, project management, energy efficiency improvement, energy integration, cost improvement, purchase and sales of energy products, and evaluation and purchase of energy assets. Mr. Morin has negotiated several large power, steam and natural gas purchase agreements, hydrogen purchase and sale agreements and other industrial gas agreements.In addition, he has negotiated and implemented ancillary services sales agreements with grid companies including load shedding, regulating reserves and standby reserves.

Over his career he has also led several make versus buy decisions related to petrochemical energy supply and was involved in deregulation and market participation of electricity markets in Canada.

Since 2005 Mr. Morin has been actively involved in energy commercial and energy business development in Asia Pacific with a strong focus on China and SE Asia.

Mr. Morin is a graduate of Electrical Engineering Technology from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.